~10 Questions~
Talent : Ogiso
Interviewers : Kuwabara.Kinoshita

Mii : Actually,how many cm is your face?
Ogi : 16
Mii : 16cm? Eh? SO SMALL

Mii : Have you ever had short hair before?
Ogi : Ah~during middle school club activity
Mii : What club was it?
Ogi : It was soft tennis club
Mii : Can you please show us how it looks like when you hit the ball
*Ogiso demonstrate service*
Mii : thank you very much

Mii : Lessons that you want to take, things that you want to do now
Ogi : Piano, Swimming, Cram school, Dance
Mii : How is swimming like? Please demonstrate it
*Ogiso demonstrate*
Mii : thank you very much

Mii : The type of guys that you like
Ogi : Someone who is big-hearted (心が広い人)
Mii : If it is celebrity?
Ogi : Johnny Depp-san
Mii : *yell* isn’t it the same with Mii
Ogi : No way *Mii yelled again* (Ogiso said something can’t hear it)

Mii : Alright,about yourself….when was your first kiss?
ogi : I have not done it yet *look at her expression,we know you kissed Yukko*
Yukko : gross *Ogiso whacked her thigh* it hurts!

Mii : What about siblings?
Ogi : I have a younger sister

Mii : What about your drawback?
Ogi : The side of me where I get overly bothered about things

Mii : Next question is the last, What cup are you?
Ogi : I am Super cup
*Yukko and Mii burst out laughing*

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